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Testo : Pausini-Cheope-Galbiati

And what if I never kiss your lips again
Or feel the touch of your sweet embrace
How would I ever go on
Without you there´s no place to belong

Well, someday love is gonna lead you back to me
But ´till it does I´ll have an empty heart
So I´ll just have to believe
Somewhere out there you´re thinking of me

Until the day I let you go
Until we say our next hello
It´s not good-bye
´Til I see you again
I´ll be right here rememberin´ when
And if time is on our side
There´ll be no tears to cry
On down the road
There is one thing I can´t deny
It´s not good-bye

You´d think I´d be strong enough to make it through
And rise above when the rain falls down
But it´s so hard to be strong
When you´ve been missin´ somebody so long

It´s just a matter of time I´m sure
But time takes time and I can´t hold on
So won´t you try as hard as you can
To put my broken heart together again

Repeat Chorus
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